Obtaining Access to Secure DocDB

  1. Get and Import a DOEGrids* or KX509 Certificate - Read Instructions

    * For those applying for a DOEGrids certificate, please use a fnal.gov mail address and they should put Liz Buckley-Geer as the sponsor.

  2. Obtain Access to DocDB

    Once you have obtained a PKI certificate, please follow these instructions to become a validated user of MINOS DocDB:

    1. Go to https://minos-docdbcert.fnal.gov/cgi-bin/cert/CertificateApplyForm

    2. At this point, you will get a form that asks for your email address and asks to which groups you wish to have access. (Hit [Ctrl] to select more than one group.) Complete the form and click "OK".

      The screen will say, "You ([your username] with e-mail address [your email address]) have requested access to MINOS DocDB. You have requested membership in the following groups:

      [list of groups]"

    3. Verify that the information above is correct. If it is not, email docdb-adm@fnal.gov.

    4. An email will confirm you have access to certain groups within DocDB (You may read, add or update documents as your security group permissions allow). Access to certain groups will require approval from a designated individual representing that group.

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