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Specifications for the Proton Driver Injection Absorber

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technical note
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Alan A Wehmann
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Alan A Wehmann
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07 Mar 2006, 16:00
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07 Mar 2006, 16:00
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31 Jan 2010, 09:58
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The function of the Proton Driver injection absorber is to accept protons generated after the secondary stripping foil which will intercept the un-stripped H- and H0 particles after the MI injection point. This absorber will not be used as a long term full intensity H- dump for the Proton Driver. Environmental and Residual dosage limits as well as the methodology for calculating concentrations will be reviewed. The expected beam intensity and the limits on the beam intensity to the absorber will be discussed in terms of the water and personnel protection. This note is meant to be used in determining requirements for the injection absorber and suggest potential geometry.

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