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1352-v1 Booster Longitudinal Impedance Valeri A Lebedev Instabilities
10 Feb 2015
1343-v1 Painting in the course of PIP-II injection to Booster Part II Valeri A Lebedev Simulations
02 Dec 2014
1286-v1 SSR2 beta 0.47 and 0.51 comparison Paolo Berrutti et al. LE Linac
29 Apr 2014
1275-v1 SSR1-G3 Tuner Donato Passarelli SRF
02 Apr 2014
1151-v1 PXIE MEBT Bunching Cavity Status Update Meiyu Chen et al. Cavities and Cryomodules
LE Linac
18 Jan 2013
1130-v3 Experimental modeling of a Magnetron Transmitter for Superconducting Intensity Frontier Linacs Gregory Kazakevitch et al. Linac
05 Dec 2012
1093-v1 Experimental Modeling of a Magnetron Transmitter for Superconducting Intensity Frontier Accelerators Gregory Kazakevitch et al. Linac
06 Aug 2012
1087-v2 Design of alternative beta=0.92 cavity for Project X (part II) Andrei Lunin et al. Linac
25 Jul 2012
1083-v1 Higher Order Modes in the Project-X Linac Mark Champion et al. Linac
20 Jul 2012
1023-v1 Bunch-by-Bunch Kicker and its Driver: 50  choice Ralph J. Pasquinelli et al. Absorbers
08 Apr 2012
1013-v1 Power Loss in Project X SSR1 Cavities due to Resonance Excitation of Monopole HOMs Alexander Sukhanov et al. SRF
12 Mar 2012
997-v1 Cryomodule Assembly Facility (CAF) at Fermilab: Feasibility Overview for Project X & future SRF Cryomodules Assemblies Tug T Arkan SRF
21 Feb 2012
978-v1 Effect of condensed gases on SRF cavities Alexander Romanenko SRF
20 Dec 2011
969-v1 Operation Of Project X Linac As A Driver For Muon Collider Alexander Sukhanov et al. HE Linac
06 Dec 2011
930-v1 Major Requirements to PXIE Optics and Design Valeri A Lebedev LE Linac
17 Sep 2011
928-v2 Analysis of MEBT Beam Dump Mohamed H A Hassan et al. LE Linac
16 Sep 2011
579-v3 HINS Six-Cavity Test Gennady Romanov HINS
08 Sep 2011
926-v1 Design of alternative β=0.92 cavity for Project X Andrei Lunin et al. HE Linac
06 Sep 2011
886-v1 Project-X RFQ. EM design issues. Gennady Romanov Front End
18 May 2011
860-v1 Project X HOM Coupler Status Vyacheslav P. Yakovlev Linac
15 Apr 2011
832-v1 CW Re-Buncher Cavity Design for Project X Gennady Romanov LE Linac
09 Mar 2011
833-v1 Beam absorber Iouri Terechkine Absorbers
LE Linac
09 Mar 2011
831-v1 FNAL RFQ Studies for Project-X Andrey Kolomiets et al. LE Linac
09 Mar 2011
827-v1 A Strategy for Cavity Resonance Control in the Project X CW Linac Brian E Chase et al. Linac
02 Mar 2011
826-v1 A compact cavity for the beam splitter of the Project X Vyacheslav P. Yakovlev Linac
01 Mar 2011
792-v2 Chopping and Limitations to MEBT Valeri A Lebedev Absorbers
LE Linac
Space Charge Effects
Transfer Line
03 Dec 2010
771-v1 Chopping and Limitations to MEBT; Injection to Recycler Valeri A Lebedev Absorbers
LE Linac
H- Injection
02 Nov 2010
542-v2 HINS R&D Activities at Meson Detector Building Jim Steimel et al. HINS
22 Oct 2010
538-v3 Estimate of X-Ray Shielding and Radiation Monitoring for Safe Operation of the HINS Cavity Test Cave in the Meson Detector Building Jim Steimel et al. HINS
12 Oct 2010
670-v1 MI Simulations with SYNERGIA Eric G Stern Simulations
Space Charge Effects
Main Injector
08 Sep 2010
647-v1 Couplers for Project X Sergey Kazakov SRF
26 Aug 2010
643-v1 RFQ input-output beam parameters Gennady Romanov HINS
05 Aug 2010
637-v1 Couplers design efforts Sergey Kazakov Linac
26 Jul 2010
614-v4 Cavities for the 650 MHz part of CW Project X linac (FNAL-JLAB meeting). Vyacheslav P. Yakovlev et al. SRF
19 Jul 2010
632-v3 HOMs in 650 MHz section of the Project-X linac Vyacheslav P. Yakovlev et al. HE Linac
19 Jul 2010
541-v3 HINS Test Facility at Meson System Overview of Hazards Elmie Peoples et al. HINS
02 Jun 2010
03 Feb 2010
430-v1 Design concepts for a pulsed multi-GeV H¯ LINAC Peter N Ostroumov Presentations
03 Feb 2010
405-v1 Specifications for the Proton Driver Injection Absorber David E. Johnson Proton Driver
Main Injector
31 Jan 2010
549-v1 HINS Clock Events, Definitions, and Usage Bob Webber HINS
12 Jan 2010
577-v1 HINS PLC Documentation Dave McDowell et al. HINS
22 Dec 2009
578-v1 HINS RFQ Heating Estimates Bob Webber HINS
10 Dec 2009
580-v1 HINS MS6 East regulator Installation Maurice Ball HINS
09 Jul 2009
581-v1 DESIGN STATUS OF THE FNAL 8 GeV SC LINAC AS OF 04-MARCH-09. Jean-Paul Carneiro Unassigned
04 Mar 2009
582-v1 Analysis of RFQ Vacuum System for HINS Tests at MDB Henryk Piekarz HINS
18 Feb 2009
143-v1 Accelerator Issues of Project X 8/7/2007 Dave McGinnis Reports
28 Jan 2009
583-v1 Estimate of RF Cavity X-rays in the HINS Linac Enclosure and Shielding Required Bob Webber HINS
27 Jan 2009
563-v1 HINS Linac Baseline Design Documents Bob Webber HINS
30 Dec 2008
537-v1 Conceptual Design Report of 8GeV H- Transport and Injection David E. Johnson Unassigned
14 Nov 2008
571-v1 Autosave at HINS Sharon L. Lackey HINS
21 Jul 2008
570-v1 Saving and Restoring Epics devices at HINS and HTS Sharon L. Lackey Controls
17 Jun 2008
569-v1 HINS Alarms Sharon L. Lackey Controls
07 Jun 2008
568-v1 DESIGN STATUS OF THE FNAL PROTON DRIVER AS OF 15-MAY-08. Jean-Paul Carneiro Proton Driver
15 May 2008
567-v1 Final Report on Design and Test of a 325 MHz Hybrid and Circulator for Fermilab Proton Driver Ding Sun Proton Driver
28 Dec 2007
561-v1 Testing 325 MHz Cavities in the ILC IB1 Vertical Test System Bob Webber HINS
14 Dec 2007
566-v1 Bandwidth Effects of Superconducting RF Cavity Controlled with a Vector Phase Modulator Dave McGinnis Unassigned
13 Dec 2007
565-v1 A Model for Lorentz Detuning in a Superconducting RF Cavity Controlled with a Vector Phase Modulator Dave McGinnis Unassigned
11 Dec 2007
564-v1 Overview of HINS Operations and Radiation Shielding Considerations in MDB Bob Webber HINS
05 Nov 2007
562-v1 High Power Tests of Novel Fast Phase/Amplitude Modulators for HINS Robyn L. Madrak et al. HINS
01 Nov 2007
559-v1 A Fast Chopper for HINS Robyn L. Madrak HINS
01 Nov 2007
560-v1 A Simple Model for a Superconducting RF cavity with a Vector Phase Modulator Dave McGinnis Unassigned
27 Oct 2007
558-v1 High Power RF Distribution and Control in the HINS Alfred Moretti HINS
11 Oct 2007
557-v1 HINS with 8 ILC-units at 45 mA: jitter studies. Jean-Paul Carneiro HINS
12 Jul 2007
556-v1 Epics Interlock Applications Build & Install instructions Dennis J. Nicklaus Unassigned
11 Jul 2007
555-v1 Using an ILC-Style 8 GeV H- Linac for a Muon to Electron Conversion Experiment Chuck Ankenbrandt et al. Experiments
14 Jun 2007
554-v1 HINS Test Facility RF Fanback Distribution Jim Steimel HINS
31 May 2007
553-v1 HINS with 8 ILC-units at 45 mA : misalignment and jitter studies. Jean-Paul Carneiro HINS
26 Apr 2007
534-v1 High Intensity Proton Source Naming Convention Sharon L. Lackey et al. Controls
18 Apr 2007
552-v1 Comparison of Fermilab Proton Driver to Suggested Energy Amplifier Linac Bob Webber Proton Driver
16 Apr 2007
551-v1 H- Stripping Equations and Application to the High Intensity Neutrino Source. Jean-Paul Carneiro Unassigned
11 Apr 2007
550-v1 HINS with 8 ILC-units at 45 mA Jean-Paul Carneiro HINS
29 Mar 2007
548-v1 Waveguide Coupler Monitors and RF Interlock Detector Cable Distribution and Attenuation Jim Steimel Unassigned
21 Mar 2007
547-v1 Isolation Verification of HINS Meson Power RF Distribution Components Jim Steimel HINS
21 Mar 2007
546-v1 HINS Presentation to AD Department Heads Bob Webber HINS
16 Mar 2007
532-v1 Benchmarking TRACK and ASTRA for the FNAL High Intensity Proton Source. Jean-Paul Carneiro Unassigned
08 Mar 2007
535-v1 HINS/PD Meson Planning Meeting Minutes Jim Steimel et al. HINS
02 Mar 2007
544-v1 LCW Cooling Analysis Meson HINS-ILCTA Maurice Ball HINS
28 Feb 2007
545-v1 Meson HINS/ILCTA LCW System Block Diagram/ Schematic Maurice Ball HINS
28 Feb 2007
543-v1 TRACK, ASTRA, MAD, ELEGANT and HINS Jean-Paul Carneiro HINS
07 Feb 2007
540-v1 HINS Test Facility at Meson Non-Ionizing Radiation Safety System Jim Steimel HINS
12 Jan 2007
539-v1 survey of H- ion sources for accelerators Jens Peters Ion Source
09 Jan 2007
536-v1 Electron Cloud Instabilities Robert M. Zwaska Instabilities
Main Injector
06 Dec 2006
533-v1 HINS Program Overview for CD Controls Management Meeting Bob Webber Controls
09 Oct 2006
530-v1 Modifications to Main Injector Lattice to Create Symmetric Straight Section for H- injection David E. Johnson Unassigned
26 Sep 2006
531-v1 Proposed Proton Driver/HINS Beam Operations at Meson Detector Building Bob Webber Proton Driver
15 Aug 2006
529-v1 ASTRA simulations for FNAL Proton Driver Jean-Paul Carneiro Proton Driver
05 Apr 2006
528-v1 Proton Driver H- transport and injection David E. Johnson Proton Driver
30 Mar 2006
584-v1 SNS visit David E. Johnson Transfer Line
28 Mar 2006
527-v1 Brief Report from the BNL Trip on Feb 14-15, 2006 Henryk Piekarz Ion Source
14 Mar 2006
526-v1 Site visit to Brookhaven National Laboratory Doug Moehs Ion Source
14 Mar 2006
525-v1 RF Ion Source Topics Discussed at DESY Doug Moehs Ion Source
14 Mar 2006
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