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1325-v1 PXIE LEBT Commissioning Update Lionel R Prost Presentations
LE Linac
01 Oct 2014
1292-v1 PXIE IS/LEBT Commissioning Update Lionel R Prost Presentations
LE Linac
Ion Source
15 May 2014
1269-v1 Summary of the PXIE Ion Source characterization measurements (11/20/2013-01/14/2014) Bruce Hanna et al. Ion Source
10 Mar 2014
1263-v1 PXIE Ion Source & LEBT Commissioning Update Rich Andrews et al. Presentations
Ion Source
18 Feb 2014
1246-v1 Report of PXIE H- ion source commissioning at Fermilab (11/20/13-11/26/13) Bruce Hanna et al. Operations
Ion Source
16 Jan 2014
1240-v1 PXIE Ion Source Commissioning Status - Update Bruce Hanna et al. Presentations
Ion Source
07 Jan 2014
1229-v1 Estimates of X-Ray production and dose rates near the PXIE H- ion source at CMTF Lionel R Prost Unassigned
08 Nov 2013
1227-v1 PXIE Ion Source and LEBT Installation Status Lionel R Prost Presentations
Front End
29 Oct 2013
1216-v1 PXIE IS & LEBT Installation Status Report Lionel R Prost Presentations
20 Aug 2013
1126-v3 PXIE Collaboration Meeting - Ion Source & LEBT Lionel R Prost Presentations
27 Nov 2012
810-v1 HINS H- ion source test stand at pre-acc R&D lab Daniel S Bollinger et al. Experiments
07 Apr 2011
816-v1 Project X Front-end concept for 162.5 MHz RFQ Alexander Vostrikov Presentations
04 Feb 2011
519-v1 HINS MDB Ion Source Safety Documents Roger Dixon et al. HINS
24 Aug 2010
640-v1 Project X: Ion Source & LEBT R&D plan and Status Report Qing Ji Ion Source
30 Jul 2010
593-v1 HINS H- Ion Source Status Bob Webber HINS
Ion Source
14 Apr 2010
419-v1 8 GeV H- ions: transport and injection Weiren Chou Linac
Main Injector
20 Jan 2010
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