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1173-v3 Project X and PXIE LEBT Scraper FRS Lionel R Prost Front End
09 Apr 2013
658-v8 Project X Functional Requirements Specification, Draft version 4.12 Stuart D Henderson et al. Requirements and Specifications
17 Oct 2011
1229-v1 Estimates of X-Ray production and dose rates near the PXIE H- ion source at CMTF Lionel R Prost Unassigned
08 Nov 2013
1227-v1 PXIE Ion Source and LEBT Installation Status Lionel R Prost Presentations
Front End
29 Oct 2013
1176-v0 Project X & PXIE LEBT Isolated Diaphragm Lionel R Prost Front End
20 Mar 2013
1084-v1 Estimates of X-Ray production and dose rate for the Project X MEBT absorber test bench Lionel R Prost et al. Experiments
13 Jul 2012
1063-v1 Project X presentation to the May 2012 IPAC meeting Bob Tschirhart Presentations
04 Jun 2012
1052-v1 Project X and the Endless Frontier Bob Tschirhart Experiments
11 May 2012
990-v1 Test of TESEQ CBA 1G-150 wide band 150-Watt amplifier As a Project X Chopper Kicker Driver Valeri A Lebedev et al. Front End
09 Feb 2012
481-v1 Specifications for the Project X Injection Absorber David E. Johnson Requirements and Specifications
19 Dec 2011
963-v1 Electron Beam Dynamics Simulations for the Proposed Test of the PXIE/Project X MEBT Absorber Lionel R Prost et al. Experiments
15 Nov 2011
918-v2 Thoughts on Radiation Shielding for PX Front-End Test Facility Bob Webber Test Facilities
Ion Source
Conventional Facilities
LE Linac
08 Aug 2011
916-v1 Overview of field emission problem in SRF cavities Alexander Romanenko SRF
Cavities and Cryomodules
Conventional Facilities
14 Jul 2011
881-v1 HINS 2.5 MeV Beam Optics and Emittance Measurements Bruce Hanna HINS
12 May 2011
786-v1 Project-X Presentation to the Fermilab PAC Bob Tschirhart Presentations
13 Nov 2010
737-v3 SRF Cavity Processing for Project X Allan M Rowe SRF
08 Sep 2010
667-v1 Joint ANL/FNAL Chemistry Facility at Argonne Michael P. Kelly et al. SRF
08 Sep 2010
635-v4 Project-X presentation for ICHEP Bob Tschirhart Presentations
02 Aug 2010
594-v1 Project X (Tesla Technology Collaboration meeting, April 19, 2010 Robert D Kephart SRF
19 Apr 2010
413-v1 Brainstroming on Ctrl-X Software Build Environment Carl Schumann Controls
02 Feb 2010
426-v1 HINS Possibilities for Project X, January 2010 Bob Webber Presentations
26 Jan 2010
417-v1 2 MW Upgrade of the Fermilab Main Injector Weiren Chou Main Injector
20 Jan 2010
416-v1 Lifetime of Stark States Hydrogen Atom in Magnetic Field Calculation and Estimation of Losses at Stripping Injection Alexandr Drozhdin et al. Presentations
Main Injector
20 Jan 2010
424-v1 A Hybrid Design of Project-X Weiren Chou Linac
20 Jan 2010
292-v1 Cryogenic Working Group Report Arkadiy Klebaner Cryogenics
12 Sep 2009
283-v1 Project X ICD-2 Brian E Chase LLRF
11 Sep 2009
190-v1 PX Dir Review 8 GeV Transport Line Components David E. Johnson Directors Reviews
Basis of Estimate
Transfer Line
15 Mar 2009
493-v1 ORBIT ECloud and Injection Painting Update Leonid Vorobiev Unassigned
16 Sep 2008
485-v1 Geometry Considerations for the Project X Injection Absorber David E. Johnson Unassigned
07 Jul 2008
483-v1 Project X Transport & Injection: Foil and Laser Stripping R&D Kick-off Meeting David E. Johnson Unassigned
30 Jun 2008
482-v1 Project X Transport & Injection: Injection Painting R&D Kick-off Meeting David E. Johnson Unassigned
27 Jun 2008
576-v1 Project X Controls Hardware and Operating System Requirements Denise S. Finstrom et al. Unassigned
10 Jan 2008
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