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Project X-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
1160-v5 Project X & PXIE LEBT/RFQ Interface Functional Requirement Specification Lionel R Prost Front End
22 Mar 2013
1360-v1 PXIE RFQ Thermal Control Overview Daniel Bowring 162.5 MHz
01 Apr 2015
1328-v1 Possible configurations for RFQ beam characterization Alexander Shemyakin HE Linac
07 Oct 2014
1288-v1 Matched input beam in PXIE RFQ Gennady Romanov LE Linac
06 May 2014
1267-v1 Determination of Access controls for PXIE cave during RFQ RF powered operation Anthony F Leveling Presentations
LE Linac
04 Mar 2014
1244-v1 Progress on RFQ couplers test stand Sergey Kazakov Presentations
14 Jan 2014
1213-v1 Project X RF update for PXIE Ralph J. Pasquinelli 162.5 MHz
20 Aug 2013
1175-v1 FNAL PXIE - 162.5 MHZ RFQ - PXIE RFQ Endwall Thermal-Structural Analysis Andrew Lambert Unassigned
19 Mar 2013
1174-v1 PXIE RFQ Update Derun Li Presentations
19 Mar 2013
1161-v1 RFQ- MEBT interface information Alexander Shemyakin Front End
13 Feb 2013
1128-v1 PXIE RFQ report Derun Li Presentations
27 Nov 2012
1110-v1 RFQ coupler Sergey Kazakov Presentations
LE Linac
25 Oct 2012
1106-v1 RFQ Coupler, v10092012 Sergey Kazakov Linac
09 Oct 2012
1097-v1 PXIE RFQ Interface Control Document Richard P Stanek Front End
LE Linac
13 Aug 2012
917-v1 One more time on 162.5 MHz RFQ Andrey Kolomiets LE Linac
20 Jul 2011
839-v1 LEBT, 81 MHz RFQ, … Milorad B. Popovic Front End
LE Linac
17 Mar 2011
816-v1 Project X Front-end concept for 162.5 MHz RFQ Alexander Vostrikov Presentations
04 Feb 2011
809-v1 Design studies of 162.5 MHz RFQ Sunny Lalitha sanyasirao Sista venugopal Presentations
LE Linac
20 Jan 2011
803-v1 Project-X Front-End Update John Staples Other Labs
Front End
15 Dec 2010
801-v1 ANL proposal: 162.5 MHz Front End for the Project X Peter N Ostroumov LE Linac
15 Dec 2010
790-v1 Project-X RFQ Andrey Kolomiets Linac
17 Nov 2010
744-v2 Linac Front End Woking Group Summary Bob Webber Linac
Ion Source
LE Linac
09 Sep 2010
719-v1 LBNL PX Proposal Derun Li Linac
Ion Source
LE Linac
08 Sep 2010
661-v5 Plans for a New Front-End for the existing FNAL Linac W. Pellico et al. Collaboration
08 Sep 2010
731-v1 RFQ Activities in India Sunny Lalitha sanyasirao Sista venugopal Presentations
LE Linac
07 Sep 2010
728-v1 Experiences with the Fermilab HINS 325 MHz RFQ Timergali Khabiboulline et al. Linac
LE Linac
07 Sep 2010
679-v1 RFQ, LEBT and MEBT issues John Staples Linac
LE Linac
07 Sep 2010
409-v1 Initial Observations of Beam Transmission vs. RF Power for the HINS RFQ Jim Steimel et al. HINS
19 Jan 2010
520-v1 HINS 2.5 MeV Beam Operations and Commissioning Documents Jim Steimel et al. HINS
16 Dec 2009
578-v1 HINS RFQ Heating Estimates Bob Webber HINS
10 Dec 2009
221-v1 ACD proton front end Sergei Nagaitsev Presentations
LE Linac
17 Jun 2009
474-v1 HINS RFQ_layout Elmie Peoples HINS
17 Apr 2009
582-v1 Analysis of RFQ Vacuum System for HINS Tests at MDB Henryk Piekarz HINS
18 Feb 2009
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