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977-v1 PXIE MEBT kicker specifications Valeri A Lebedev et al. Front End
LE Linac
20 Dec 2011
1382-v1 PXIE LEBT Chopper Driver Greg Saewert Instrumentation
02 Sep 2015
1380-v2 200 Ohm MEBT Chopper Development Progress Alex Z Chen et al. Presentations
10 Jun 2015
1348-v1 PXIE LEBT Commissioning Update Lionel R Prost LE Linac
06 Jan 2015
1347-v1 Measurements of dielectric constant Sergey Kazakov Linac
19 Dec 2014
1336-v1 PXIE LEBT Commissioning Update Lionel R Prost Reports
LE Linac
12 Nov 2014
1320-v1 PXIE MEBT Absorber Prototype Tesing Update Curtis Baffes et al. LE Linac
22 Sep 2014
1223-v3 PXIE Low Energy Beam Transport Chopper - Mechanical Design Specifications Constraints Lionel R Prost Front End
16 Apr 2014
1270-v1 PXIE MEBT 200 Ohm Kicker Mechanical Design Alex Z Chen et al. Linac
18 Mar 2014
1261-v1 North American PAC 2013 Conference paper Greg Saewert Presentations
13 Feb 2014
1259-v1 Design and Testing of a Prototype Beam Absorber for the PXIE MEBT Curtis Baffes et al. Reports
LE Linac
06 Feb 2014
1230-v1 Update on 50 Ohm Kicker Ding Sun Reports
19 Nov 2013
1219-v1 Considerations for the Design of the LEBT Chopper for PXIE Lionel R Prost et al. Absorbers
Front End
06 Sep 2013
1137-v1 RF Modeling of the Helical Kicker for Project X Mohamed H A Hassan et al. Presentations
13 Feb 2013
1146-v1 Project-X MEBT Fast Chopper Power Supply Proposal Brian E Chase LE Linac
21 Dec 2012
1145-v2 Project-X Synchronous Transfers to Booster or Recycler Brian E Chase LLRF
21 Dec 2012
1147-v1 Project-X Beam Transfer to Booster Brian E Chase et al. Presentations
LE Linac
21 Dec 2012
1136-v1 200 Ohm Chopper Update - Dec. 4, 2012 Greg Saewert Presentations
04 Dec 2012
1112-v5 PXIE MEBT Absorber Prototype Status Update Curtis Baffes et al. Absorbers
LE Linac
15 Nov 2012
1100-v2 Measurements of the electron beam size at the absorber prototype test bench Anna Mitskovets Experiments
03 Oct 2012
1081-v2 200 Ohm Chopper System Progress - July 2012 Greg Saewert Instrumentation
11 Jul 2012
1058-v1 A 500 V Fast Switch For ProjectX 200 Ohm Chopper Daniil Frolov et al. Instrumentation
24 May 2012
1044-v1 50 ohm chopper amplifier specification Ralph J. Pasquinelli Front End
30 Apr 2012
1027-v2 MEBT Absorber Status, Project X Collaboration Meeting Curtis Baffes et al. Absorbers
11 Apr 2012
1028-v3 200Ohm Chopper R&D Progress Greg Saewert Presentations
Front End
10 Apr 2012
1000-v3 PXIE Medium Energy Beam Transport Alexander Shemyakin Reviews
LE Linac
05 Mar 2012
990-v1 Test of TESEQ CBA 1G-150 wide band 150-Watt amplifier As a Project X Chopper Kicker Driver Valeri A Lebedev et al. Front End
09 Feb 2012
979-v1 PXIE MEBT Chopper Driver Specifications (“Unipolar scheme”) Greg Saewert et al. CW Linac
23 Dec 2011
936-v2 200 Ohm Chopper Development Update: Helix Performance & Some Driver Ideas Greg Saewert Instrumentation
15 Dec 2011
816-v1 Project X Front-end concept for 162.5 MHz RFQ Alexander Vostrikov Presentations
04 Feb 2011
803-v1 Project-X Front-End Update John Staples Other Labs
Front End
15 Dec 2010
773-v1 Front-end R&D Plans - SSR Prototype and Chopper Section Bob Webber Presentations
LE Linac
01 Nov 2010
768-v1 2.5 MeV Chopper Beam Absorber Thermal Considerations Iouri Terechkine Linac
LE Linac
27 Oct 2010
767-v1 MEBT Chopper Beam Dump Nikolai Mokhov Presentations
LE Linac
27 Oct 2010
616-v1 Chopper in HINS (RFQ+matcher+Chopper) Nikolay A. Solyak SRF
04 Oct 2010
752-v1 Proposal for Chopper Testing at HINS Facility Nikolay A. Solyak HINS
Proton Driver
04 Oct 2010
679-v1 RFQ, LEBT and MEBT issues John Staples Linac
LE Linac
07 Sep 2010
659-v1 Laser Chopper for Project X David E. Johnson Presentations
03 Sep 2010
633-v1 HINS Six-Cavity Test Presentation to PX Front-End Meeting Bob Webber Presentations
LE Linac
07 Jul 2010
631-v1 A Look at PX 2.5 MeV Chopper Beam Dump Thermal Issue Iouri Terechkine Absorbers
LE Linac
01 Jul 2010
627-v1 Broad-band chopper R&D Ding Sun Linac
24 Jun 2010
615-v1 Chopper Lattice in TraceWin Nikolay A. Solyak SRF
20 May 2010
457-v1 Project X MEBT/Chopper and 3-Cavity SSR0 in MDB Bob Webber HINS
LE Linac
01 Apr 2010
334-v1 Project X Linac: Beam Preparation and Distribution Iouri Terechkine et al. Presentations
LE Linac
09 Dec 2009
270-v3 Linac Design - Chopper Ideas Bob Webber Presentations
11 Sep 2009
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