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Project X-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
1295-v1 POT vs Energy and cycle time for high power operation Paul Derwent et al. Unassigned
13 Jun 2014
1229-v1 Estimates of X-Ray production and dose rates near the PXIE H- ion source at CMTF Lionel R Prost Unassigned
08 Nov 2013
1175-v1 FNAL PXIE - 162.5 MHZ RFQ - PXIE RFQ Endwall Thermal-Structural Analysis Andrew Lambert Unassigned
19 Mar 2013
1102-v2 Production of 99mTc and 99Mo at PXIE Ron Moore Unassigned
31 Oct 2012
1106-v1 RFQ Coupler, v10092012 Sergey Kazakov Linac
09 Oct 2012
481-v1 Specifications for the Project X Injection Absorber David E. Johnson Requirements and Specifications
19 Dec 2011
842-v3 A parallel-plate capacitor as a model of a kicker Lionel R Prost et al. Unassigned
LE Linac
21 Jun 2011
862-v2 Simple estimations for a LEBT kicker Alexander Shemyakin Unassigned
22 Apr 2011
575-v1 PROJECT-X, SRF, AND VERY LARGE POWER STATIONS Chuck Ankenbrandt et al. Unassigned
29 Jan 2010
523-v1 Rapid Cycling Synchrotron Option for Project X Weiren Chou Unassigned
07 Dec 2009
522-v1 Project X and a Muon Facility at Fermilab Milorad B. Popovic Unassigned
07 Dec 2009
521-v1 Magnetically confined electron columns and high-energy hadron beams Giulio Stancari Unassigned
04 Dec 2009
517-v1 Magnetometer Possibilities Cheng-Yang Tan Unassigned
19 Nov 2009
514-v1 Ecloud Energy Distribution Cheng-Yang Tan Unassigned
24 Sep 2009
511-v1 Theory and Practice of Cavity RF Test Systems Tom Powers Unassigned
24 Aug 2009
505-v1 A Hybrid Design of Project-X Weiren Chou Unassigned
21 May 2009
506-v1 A Simple Transition-free Lattice of an 8 GeV Proton Synchrotron Weiren Chou Unassigned
21 May 2009
504-v1 Trapped Modes for Measuring Ecloud Cheng-Yang Tan Unassigned
20 May 2009
503-v1 Power Coupler Testing at Meson Detector Building Elmie Peoples Unassigned
17 Apr 2009
581-v1 DESIGN STATUS OF THE FNAL 8 GeV SC LINAC AS OF 04-MARCH-09. Jean-Paul Carneiro Unassigned
04 Mar 2009
502-v1 RFA Electronics Cheng-Yang Tan Unassigned
25 Feb 2009
501-v1 High Gain 3kHz LPF for RFA Cheng-Yang Tan Unassigned
28 Jan 2009
499-v1 Preliminary Measurements of RFA and Beam Measurements Cheng-Yang Tan Unassigned
23 Dec 2008
498-v1 H- stripping in TESLA cavity @ 8GeV Nikolay A. Solyak Unassigned
08 Dec 2008
537-v1 Conceptual Design Report of 8GeV H- Transport and Injection David E. Johnson Unassigned
14 Nov 2008
494-v1 AN 8 GEV CW LINAC WITH HIGH POTENTIAL BEAM POWER Chuck Ankenbrandt et al. Unassigned
07 Oct 2008
493-v1 ORBIT ECloud and Injection Painting Update Leonid Vorobiev Unassigned
16 Sep 2008
491-v1 Compare proton vs H- Multiturn Injection David E. Johnson Unassigned
15 Aug 2008
490-v1 A First Look at H- Stripping for Project X Robert M. Zwaska Unassigned
12 Aug 2008
489-v1 Painting modeling using ORBIT for Project-X Leonid Vorobiev Unassigned
12 Aug 2008
488-v1 Space Charge Compensation by electron columns Vladimir Shiltsev Unassigned
08 Aug 2008
487-v1 Electron Cloud Results from ILCDR08 Robert M. Zwaska Unassigned
22 Jul 2008
486-v1 RFA Design Cheng-Yang Tan Unassigned
22 Jul 2008
485-v1 Geometry Considerations for the Project X Injection Absorber David E. Johnson Unassigned
07 Jul 2008
484-v1 Simulations of Various RFAs for Future Designs Cheng-Yang Tan Unassigned
03 Jul 2008
478-v1 Project X FY08 Resource Requirements & Agreement Elaine McCluskey Unassigned
30 Jun 2008
483-v1 Project X Transport & Injection: Foil and Laser Stripping R&D Kick-off Meeting David E. Johnson Unassigned
30 Jun 2008
482-v1 Project X Transport & Injection: Injection Painting R&D Kick-off Meeting David E. Johnson Unassigned
27 Jun 2008
480-v1 Project X Absorber and Collimation RnD kick-off Meeting David E. Johnson Unassigned
20 Jun 2008
476-v1 Preliminary RFA Design Cheng-Yang Tan Unassigned
06 May 2008
473-v1 Project X and the Future of the Fermilab Accelerator Complex Steve Holmes Unassigned
23 Apr 2008
470-v1 Project X WBS Elaine McCluskey Unassigned
17 Mar 2008
469-v1 Survey of RFAs (Retarding Field Analysers) Cheng-Yang Tan Unassigned
26 Feb 2008
464-v1 Project X Network Requirements Dan Stenman Unassigned
10 Jan 2008
576-v1 Project X Controls Hardware and Operating System Requirements Denise S. Finstrom et al. Unassigned
10 Jan 2008
460-v1 Project X "Low-Level" Requirements Charles Briegel et al. Unassigned
10 Jan 2008
462-v1 Project X Legacy Controls Interface Requirements Jim Patrick Unassigned
08 Jan 2008
458-v1 Report on Accelerator Physics and Technology Workshop for Project X Dave McGinnis Unassigned
26 Dec 2007
566-v1 Bandwidth Effects of Superconducting RF Cavity Controlled with a Vector Phase Modulator Dave McGinnis Unassigned
13 Dec 2007
565-v1 A Model for Lorentz Detuning in a Superconducting RF Cavity Controlled with a Vector Phase Modulator Dave McGinnis Unassigned
11 Dec 2007
560-v1 A Simple Model for a Superconducting RF cavity with a Vector Phase Modulator Dave McGinnis Unassigned
27 Oct 2007
556-v1 Epics Interlock Applications Build & Install instructions Dennis J. Nicklaus Unassigned
11 Jul 2007
551-v1 H- Stripping Equations and Application to the High Intensity Neutrino Source. Jean-Paul Carneiro Unassigned
11 Apr 2007
548-v1 Waveguide Coupler Monitors and RF Interlock Detector Cable Distribution and Attenuation Jim Steimel Unassigned
21 Mar 2007
532-v1 Benchmarking TRACK and ASTRA for the FNAL High Intensity Proton Source. Jean-Paul Carneiro Unassigned
08 Mar 2007
530-v1 Modifications to Main Injector Lattice to Create Symmetric Straight Section for H- injection David E. Johnson Unassigned
26 Sep 2006

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