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Project X-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
1145-v2 Project-X Synchronous Transfers to Booster or Recycler Brian E Chase LLRF
21 Dec 2012
1099-v1 Microphonics Compensation Results in the SSR1 Cavity Yuriy Pischalnikov et al. LLRF
07 Sep 2012
1030-v1 LLRF for PXIE Brian E Chase LLRF
1300 MHz/CW
11 Apr 2012
855-v1 Longitudinal dynamic analysis for the 3-8 GeV pulsed LINAC Gustavo I Cancelo LLRF
14 Apr 2011
851-v1 RF Control Requirements for Project X Brian E Chase LLRF
14 Apr 2011
706-v1 RF Controls Strategies Brian E Chase Presentations
08 Sep 2010
733-v1 Microphonics (Remote Access) - Mathias Liepe Matthias Liepe SRF
HE Linac
LE Linac
08 Sep 2010
630-v1 Analysis of CC2 data at 4K Gustavo I Cancelo Controls
30 Jun 2010
629-v1 Controlling Cavity Detuning for Project X Warren Schappert LLRF
29 Jun 2010
453-v1 Linac LLRF discussion Sergei Nagaitsev LLRF
25 Mar 2010
324-v1 Microphonics considerations on the generator power for Project X Julien Branlard LLRF
15 Oct 2009
516-v1 Microphonics considerations on the generator power for Project X Julien Branlard LLRF
14 Oct 2009
513-v1 HINS - LLRF Julien Branlard LLRF
23 Sep 2009
300-v1 RF Working Group Summary Leigh Harwood et al. Presentations
HE Linac
LE Linac
12 Sep 2009
283-v1 Project X ICD-2 Brian E Chase LLRF
11 Sep 2009
233-v1 Experience with microphonics in CC2 at Fermilab Yuriy Pischalnikov LLRF
15 Jul 2009
232-v2 Discussion on cw linac rf power issues Brian E Chase SRF
14 Jul 2009
195-v3 Low Level RF - Director's Cost Review Brian E Chase Directors Reviews
Basis of Estimate
30 Mar 2009

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