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Project X-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
1071-v1 FRS for Bunching cavity for PXIE MEBT draft 1.5 Timergali Khabiboulline et al. Requirements and Specifications
22 Jun 2012
1324-v1 Acceptance of PXIE RFQ Gennady Romanov Reports
Front End
01 Oct 2014
1288-v1 Matched input beam in PXIE RFQ Gennady Romanov LE Linac
06 May 2014
1276-v1 PXIE RFQ operation without frequency stabilization Gennady Romanov LE Linac
07 Apr 2014
1228-v1 PXIE RFQ Status Matt Hoff et al. LE Linac
05 Nov 2013
1183-v1 On PXIE RFQ tuning Ivan Gonin et al. LE Linac
03 May 2013
1170-v1 Update on PXIE RFQ simulation Gennady Romanov LE Linac
06 Mar 2013
1156-v1 PXIE RFQ end-wall issues Gennady Romanov LE Linac
05 Feb 2013
1151-v1 PXIE MEBT Bunching Cavity Status Update Meiyu Chen et al. LE Linac
Cavities and Cryomodules
18 Jan 2013
1149-v1 MEBT Buncher Cavity Design Proposal and Specification Meiyu Chen et al. 162.5 MHz
SRF Specifications
Cavities and Cryomodules
03 Jan 2013
1035-v1 RF simulation studies of PXIE RFQ Gennady Romanov LE Linac
Proton Driver
12 Apr 2012
1024-v1 MEBT Buncher Cavities.Por Gennady Romanov Presentations
08 Apr 2012
988-v1 Beam dynamic simulations in RFQ with the use of CST Studio Suite. Gennady Romanov LE Linac
08 Feb 2012
973-v1 PXIE RFQ RF Power Requirements Gennady Romanov Linac
15 Dec 2011
948-v1 RF Design Studies of PXIE RFQ and Buncher Cavities Gennady Romanov LE Linac
25 Oct 2011
579-v3 HINS Six-Cavity Test Gennady Romanov HINS
08 Sep 2011
886-v1 Project-X RFQ. EM design issues. Gennady Romanov Front End
18 May 2011
832-v1 CW Re-Buncher Cavity Design for Project X Gennady Romanov LE Linac
09 Mar 2011
831-v1 FNAL RFQ Studies for Project-X Andrey Kolomiets et al. LE Linac
09 Mar 2011
728-v1 Experiences with the Fermilab HINS 325 MHz RFQ Timergali Khabiboulline et al. LE Linac
07 Sep 2010
643-v1 RFQ input-output beam parameters Gennady Romanov HINS
05 Aug 2010
641-v1 CW re-buncher status Gennady Romanov LE Linac
30 Jul 2010
611-v1 A Review of Low β Resonator Performance Gennady Romanov SRF
LE Linac
14 May 2010
610-v1 SC options for low energy part of Project X linac Gennady Romanov SRF
LE Linac
14 May 2010
607-v1 RT Options for the Low Energy Part of Project X Linac Gennady Romanov LE Linac
12 May 2010
494-v1 AN 8 GEV CW LINAC WITH HIGH POTENTIAL BEAM POWER Chuck Ankenbrandt et al. Unassigned
07 Oct 2008
30-v1 Room Temperature Cavity Design Gennady Romanov LE Linac
30 Sep 2008

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