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Robert M. Zwaska of Fermilab is listed as an author on the most recent version of the following documents:
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Project X-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
1232-v3 Proton Improvement Plan-II Paul Derwent et al. Reports
12 Dec 2013
1105-v1 Project X Siting Workshop Presentations - October 2012 Russ Alber et al. Experiments
Transfer Line
Conventional Facilities
Main Injector
05 Oct 2012
957-v2 Electron Cloud Experiments Robert M. Zwaska Instabilities
Main Injector
03 Nov 2011
758-v1 The Ecloud Measurement Setup in the Main Injector Cheng-Yang Tan et al. Experiments
Main Injector
13 Oct 2010
686-v1 Recent MI Results on TiN and C Coated Beam Pipes Robert M. Zwaska Main Injector
08 Sep 2010
601-v2 A Proposal For An Upgraded Booster For Project X W. Pellico et al. RCS
04 May 2010
452-v1 Using Booster, Switchyard and MI-8 in Project X Robert M. Zwaska et al. Presentations
20 Mar 2010
524-v1 The SEY Test Stand Robert M. Zwaska Instabilities
Main Injector
17 Dec 2009
272-v1 Electron Cloud Experimental Upgrade in the Main Injector Cheng-Yang Tan et al. Instabilities
Main Injector
11 Sep 2009
101-v1 Laser stripping Robert M. Zwaska H- Injection
23 Apr 2009
122-v1 MI e-cloud measurements Robert M. Zwaska Presentations
Main Injector
24 Feb 2009
490-v1 A First Look at H- Stripping for Project X Robert M. Zwaska Unassigned
12 Aug 2008
487-v1 Electron Cloud Results from ILCDR08 Robert M. Zwaska Unassigned
22 Jul 2008
536-v1 Electron Cloud Instabilities Robert M. Zwaska Instabilities
Main Injector
06 Dec 2006

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