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Theory and Practice of Cavity RF Test Systems

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Alan A Wehmann
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24 Aug 2009, 11:14
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31 Mar 2010, 11:58
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Over the years Jefferson Lab staff members have
performed about 2500 cold cavity tests on about 500
different superconducting cavities. Most of these cavities
were later installed in 73 different cryomodules, which
were used in three different accelerators. All of the
cavities were tested in our vertical test area. About 25%
of the cryomodules were tested in our cryomodule test
facility and later commissioned in an accelerator. The
remainder of the cryomodules were tested and
commissioned after they were installed in their respective
accelerator. This paper is an overview which should
provide a practical background in the RF systems used to
test the cavities as well as provide the mathematics
necessary to convert the raw pulsed or continuous wave
RF signals into useful information such as gradient,
quality factor, RF-heat loads and loaded QÂ’s.
Additionally, I will provide the equations necessary for
determining the measurement error associated with these
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