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Project X-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
1306-v1 Operational Status and Power Upgrade Prospects of the Neutrino Experimental Facility at J-PARC TBD To Be Determined Other Labs
17 Jul 2014
1305-v1 Design Study on the 9-GeV Proton Linac at KEKB Tunnel for the Next Generation Neutrino Experiment TBD To Be Determined Other Labs
17 Jul 2014
1304-v1 Accelerator Concepts for the Beam Power of Multi MW with J-PARC MR TBD To Be Determined Other Labs
17 Jul 2014
1200-v6 Project X Broader Impacts volume of the Project X Book Stuart D Henderson et al. Experiments
17 Jul 2013
746-v1 Instrumentation & Controls Willem Blokland et al. Controls
22 Sep 2010
740-v2 Linac Integration John D Galambos et al. Linac
13 Sep 2010
747-v4 Pulsed Linac & Injection David E. Johnson et al. Linac
09 Sep 2010
744-v2 Linac Front End Woking Group Summary Bob Webber Collaboration
LE Linac
Ion Source
09 Sep 2010
741-v1 Cavities & Cryomodules Robert Rimmer SRF
09 Sep 2010
743-v1 Cryogenics WG report Arkadiy Klebaner Cryogenics
09 Sep 2010
742-v1 Linac RF WG1 summaru Ralph J. Pasquinelli Reports
09 Sep 2010
745-v1 Main Injector/Recycler Ioanis Kourbanis Recycler
Main Injector
09 Sep 2010
733-v1 Microphonics (Remote Access) - Mathias Liepe Matthias Liepe SRF
LE Linac
HE Linac
08 Sep 2010
734-v0 Indian Activities - Sandeep TBC TBD To Be Determined None
07 Sep 2010
720-v0 SNS PX Proposal TBD To Be Determined None
04 Sep 2010

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